Business strategy and goals

Business strategy and goals

The E-Stream Beteiligungs GmbH

E-Stream Beteiligungs GmbH is the parent company of E-Stream GmbH & Co KGaA and E-Stream Management GmbH.

E-Stream GmbH & Co KGaA, “E-Stream”, wants to make a contribution against climate change by bringing clean and green energy to every corner of the world and making it usable for every application. To this end, E-Stream is developing new battery storage technologies that make storing “green electricity” economical and user-friendly. We look forward to joining you on the road to a green future.

Based on the technology developed by E-Stream, the company is able to develop and produce cost-effective, flexible and modular storage systems. With the conviction of clean energy generation and storage represented in our e.quikk technology, we accompany the market development with high performance modules of any kind on the journey to climate neutral energy use.

Our technology achieves proven innovative advances in energy and cost efficiency as well as sustainability and environmental protection.

With our ESG-compliant sustainability concept right from the development of our products and the production processes based on them, we have placed great emphasis on optimally mapping the aspects of sustainability and recycling in terms of what is currently feasible. The basis for this is the packaging process, which, thanks to its modular structure, enables us to scale our battery storage systems right down to the individual lithium-ion battery cell. This principle allows us to make the most of the life cycle of each individual storage unit and to organize its use efficiently according to its performance, reducing dependence on raw materials.

Our products are no longer a compromise between clean nature and performance – e.quikk technology combines exceptional power density with sustainability and environmental protection. With e.quikk technology, we have succeeded in significantly reducing the charging time of battery systems and setting new standards.

Technological leadership: with the right charging infrastructure, our systems strike at the heart of the technology.

The packaging concept successfully implemented with e.quikk technology allows variable and individual modulability of the round cell systems we have developed, thus enabling almost unlimited application possibilities with unlimited scalability in all areas of application for battery and energy storage systems.

And with our modular packaging design and second-life recycling concept, we utilize the complete life cycle of the resources used. In this way, we consistently follow the path with you to the end: optimal power density with sustainable resource consumption.