E-Stream: Highly innovative technologies


E-Stream: Highly innovative technologies

Climate change and resource depletion play an elementary role for the future of mankind on this planet due to their increasingly obvious presence. Renewable energy generation and its efficient use, which relieves the climate and the environment, are among the dominant topics of our time. Especially in the mobility sector, but also in the industrial sector, the implementation of alternative drives and energy sources is gaining momentum. Despite the right direction, however, negative reports about possible teething troubles of these systems still dominate the news quite often. Often it is about poor efficiency, high costs, enormous resource consumption, environmental damage, inadequate safety or insufficient reliability.

We at E-Stream are convinced that with E-Stream technology we have taken not just one, but many more steps in the right direction:


With its revolutionary packaging process, E-Stream achieves the highest possible energy density and thus performance with its round cells in the smallest possible space with the lowest possible weight. The innovative composite and modular system allows flexible adaptation of the systems to the required power capacity, thus preventing inefficient use of energy storage space. E-stream technology enables ultra-fast charging, so that the energy storage systems can be recharged in the shortest possible time. The efficiency and performance of the technology underlying the concept have been confirmed and certified by accredited and independent institutes.


E-stream technology saves in several ways. First, the energy efficiency of the storage systems saves costs by extracting maximum power from minimum energy. The underlying packaging offers increased gravimetric and volumetric energy density for electricity storage of up to 220 watt hours per kilogram (Wh/kg) and up to 420 watt hours per liter (Wh/l), respectively. In addition, the flexible scalability means that the complete replacement or new purchase of a storage system can be avoided. Furthermore, the E-Stream technology enables the replacement of individual battery cell elements. This enormously reduces the use of resources and labor for maintenance and repairs, which is also a very important cost factor when using regenerative energy storage systems.

Use of resources

Energy storage systems designed according to the E-Stream concept consume significantly fewer resources over their entire life cycle than current conventional energy storage solutions. Due to the flexibility in applicability, we achieve a sustainable use of resources. E-Stream technology is suitable for high-performance mobile and long-term stable stationary as well as portable and transportable applications.

Environmental compatibility

With E-Stream technology, “clean” energy obtained from renewable energy sources such as sunlight, wind and hydropower, or geothermal energy can be efficiently stored and used as needed. The “second-life principle” and the resulting maximum service life of the components also minimize the environmental impact in the course of resource depletion. At the end of their life cycle, the individual components of our battery storage systems can be separated, recovered and recycled in the best possible way thanks to the non-destructive dismantling option, thus reducing the environmental impact currently still frequently associated with this process.

Safety & Reliability

The aspects of safety and reliability have played a decisive role in the development of E-Stream technology. To ensure maximum hazard resistance and reliability for our customers, our battery cells are individually electrically protected and designed to be particularly resistant to shock and vibration. In addition, due to the systemic design principle of individual components, continued operation is possible even if individual cells fail. Functionality can be restored quickly and easily by replacing the defective element. In addition, complete monitoring of safety-critical parameters is possible and thus the technology offers a multistage safety concept. One example of this is the innovative thermal management of the E-Stream safety concept, which uses extensive safety mechanisms to protect the round cells safely and reliably even in the event of very high loads.