What E-Stream does

What E-Stream does

E-Stream develops new battery storage technologies

E-Stream develops new battery storage technologies that make storing “green electricity” economical and user-friendly.
We are active in 3 areas:

  • Industrial storage including storage for fast charging of electric vehicles;
  • home storage
  • cell trade.

The automotive segment/electric cars are a clear and significant plus. Currently, the strategy is focused on Europe, with Asia representing further potential. As it expands, E-Stream also plans to enter the entire global market and is aiming for the North American market in particular soon.

What are E-Stream USPs, what do we do better than others?

The special features lie in the processing of small-format lithium-ion round cells, which offer maximum flexibility in the use of storage space, significantly simplified dismantling, transport and recycling options, the possibility of refreshing existing systems as well as second-life applications of the battery cells and (ultra) fast charging capability – with our 1st and 2nd life capability, we have ensured the optimal solution for possible applications.